Winter is Here. Is Your Home Prepared?

Winter is here, is your home prepared?

The cold nights have came, chilly mornings wait for you when you wake up and storms such as Abigail and Barney bringing winds of up to 80MPH are blowing their way through the UK. There couldnt be a better time to think about upgrading the windows and doors of your home. Our double glazing can provide you and your household with a multitude of benefits such as higher securty, much improved insulation, soundproofing and if you opt for Triple Glazing these benefits are triply increased. Please see our previous blog post on which talks about the benefit of triple glazing over double glazing.

Each year the weather reports ‘Britain braced for long snowy winter’ and ‘Brace yourself for a cold winter’, however if last winter is anything to go by, we should be prepared…Snow on Boxing Day comes to mind, followed by ice and bitter cold winds. Nonetheless winter is my favorite season, as theres something great about the thought of being warm and cozy inside whilst the weather outside is frightful.

For full soundproofing and incredible insulation we do recommend Triple Glazing, however double glazing is superior to normal glass. So by sticking with double glazing you can still create a warm house, you are still able to block out a considerable amount of noise pollution and you can sleep peacefully knowing that your home will still be secure (as previously stated triple glazing increase these benefits).

In conclusion, both double glazing or triple glazing will both prepare you for the coming cold months and will ultimately save you money on heating bills as an attempt to heat your home. Buying these products are a long term investment and an investment that is worthwhile, so why not treat yourself to an early Christmas present and enjoy the warm tranquilty of your own home.

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London Street, in the Snow by Ben Oh, on Flickr
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