Our Standards

Our Standards – Sureseal Windows Ltd are a member of Certass. The Certass Glazing scheme is a Competent Persons Scheme set up in accordance with The Department of Communities and Local Government. Installers who are members with Certass are able to certify that the installation meets the current Building Regulations. Certass will register your installation electronically with the Local Authority Building Control Office, you will then be issued with Building Control Certificate which records that your installer has certified that the installation meets the appropriate Building Regulations.

Should you wish to verify the company’s membership please contact Certass on 01292 266636

Certass which stands for certification and self assessment, was formed several years ago and was one of the original Quality Mark certification bodies. It is therefore a natural progression for Certass to move into the self assessment market.

The Statutory Instrument for Certass approval was made on 9th March 2006 and was laid before Parliament on 15th March 2006. The approval came into force on 6th April 2006 and has now been published by HMSO as Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 652.

Certass have made arrangements with various insurance providers to provide discounted schemes for their members e.g. waiving of inspection fees and registration fees for individual contracts.

Certass can provide a One Stop Shop for glazing contractors (who give Insurance) whereby they need only declare their completed contracts once to Certass, and they will pass all relevant information on to the various insurance providers, thus simplifying current arrangements and avoiding extra paper work and administration.