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The wide range of conservatory designs, styles, and configurations featured all utilise Ultraframe roofing systems. You don't need to look anywhere else for a conservatory supplier in Liverpool.

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Everything you need to know…

K2 and Global specialise in roofing systems and make thousands of roofs per year – over 500,000 in the last 10 years alone. With a K2 or Global roofed conservatory, you know you’re in safe hands.
K2 and Global roofing systems have been tested by a government-backed approvals body, the British Board of Agreements. For building products, this is the most demanding and rigorous testing regime anywhere in Europe.
The BBA stated that K2 and Global roofs have a Life expectancy of at least 25 years.

Our products

Our Conservatory designs, as seen below, are only a small selection of our full specifications, but hopefully, we can give you an idea of what we can and have achieved. Our range is ever-changing to keep up with the design expectations of our customers, and we always seek new designs to complement the look and feel of your home.

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Three facet conservatories

Three Facet Victorian Conservatories – Its versatility and pleasing aesthetics make it suitable for almost all applications.

Five Facet Conservatories

Five Facet Conservatories: Hints at a subtle rounded appearance and offers the ideal blend of space and appearance.

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Square Georgian Conservatory

The square Georgian conservatory style features a flat front and a square or rectangular symmetrical shape. This makes the Georgian conservatory convenient for laying out furniture and plants, with no wasted space.

K2 Conservatories

K2 Conservatories – The reassurance of dealing with a large and reputable company. The peace of mind that comes from steadfast product and installation guarantees. Impressive design freedom. A proven track record. A genuine commitment to quality.

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Planning permission

Conservatories fall under the same planning regulations as any extension or addition to a house. Adding a conservatory to your home is considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission, provided certain limits and conditions are set.
Suppose you are considering extending or altering your property in any way. In that case, you first need to check with your local authority whether you need to make applications for Building Regulations or planning permission consents.

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