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How does double glazing work?

Secondary glazing is a slimline window that is discreetly installed onto the inside of your exiting window. It is designed to increase acoustic and thermal insulation and to offer enhanced security. Each window is made to measure and can be customised to match the style, function and colour of your primary windows. Not just limited to heritage properties and listed buildings, secondary glazing is often installed to enhance single, double, and triple glazing performance.

When you take advantage of secondary double glazing, you enjoy all the benefits that come with an extra layer of insulation over your windows. This cuts down on heat transfer, which means that your home retains heat leading to reduced energy consumption and costs.

If noise entering your home is a nuisance, our manufacturers range of bespoke aluminium secondary glazing will substantially help. Most homeowners will notice up to 80% noise reduction allowing secondary glazing to create a peaceful, warm and secure home.

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Benefits of double glazing:

  • 65% reduced heat loss

  • Using 28mm double glazed sealed unit, with 80mm glass-to-glass optimum U Value:0.97 W/m2K.

  • 80% noise reduction

  • Using 6.4mm acoustic laminate glazing, with 200mm glass-to-glass optimum Noise Reduction: 54dB (Rw).

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