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How To Choose The Best Bi-Fold Doors For You

Choosing the best bi-fold doors to fit your space, needs, and your lifestyle perfectly.

Bi-Folding Doors Buyers Guide

When it comes to choosing doors that offer style, functionality, and an open, airy feel, bi-fold and multi-fold doors are an increasingly popular option among homeowners. These doors have the ability to completely transform living areas, seamlessly blending the indoors with the outdoors and flooding rooms with natural light.

Before making the investment, there are a few points to consider to make sure your new doors fit your space, needs, and your lifestyle perfectly.

Size Of Your Space

Choosing the best number of panels to fit your space is one of the most important decisions you’ll need to make, to get the most out of your new windows.

If you’re looking to maximise the natural light coming in through your new doors, choose a design with wider panels that use slim frames. Using less panels, means less frame lines, so you can have the best view out through your new doors, and will experience the most light filling your home.

If you’re looking for a seamless connection between your indoor and your outdoor spaces, consider the physical opening space available to open larger panels, as they stack to one side. If you have the space available, less panels again means you’ll have an unobstructed view.

Bi-Fold doors are pretty versatile though, and can be configured in a linear arrangement, or can wrap around a corner of your house, including the installation of a traffic door for easy in and out access. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to tailor your folding door configuration to your home’s layout and your family’s lifestyle, giving you a truly unique finish that fits just right for you.

Panel Options

At Sureseal, we have an extensive range of external bi-fold doors, with various panel options, offering solutions for every home size and style. Contact us today to find out more.

Left Or Right Opening Direction

A crucial, yet often overlooked consideration when investing in bi-fold doors, is the opening direction. Do they slide entirely to one side, or do they split at the centre and fold out to both sides of the opening.

Going for doors that fully slide to one side gives you a tidy and streamlined finish when open. On the other hand, a central split might be more suitable for those looking at larger installations, giving more balanced access.

It’s worth noting, the movement direction of your doors largely depends on the number of panels. For instance, a two-panel system typically folds to one side, whereas more extensive door arrangements offer various division options to suit different needs and spaces.

Inward or Outward Opening

Once you’ve figured out the number of panels you need, and the direction in which they’ll open, the next step is to decide whether the doors should open inwardly or outwardly. This will mostly depend on the space available and any access limitations within your home.

Outward opening bi-fold doors are the best choice for an external access point. In wet weather, something we’re all too used to, outward opening doors will prevent the rain from coming into contact with indoor soft furnishings like carpets or curtains.

Inward opening bi-fold doors are ideal for small spaces, since they do not encroach on your limited external space when opened. They are also easier to clean, with external surfaces being more accessible when the doors are open.

Integrating a Traffic Door

Integrating a traffic door can give a much easier access from one side to the other. A traffic door would function as part of the bifold system, but also works just like a standard door.

This feature is really beneficial for doors leading to patios and gardens. During the summer months, you can fully open your bifold doors to enjoy the outdoors. While in the colder Winter months, a traffic door provides the convenience of accessing your outdoor areas, without having to fully open the bifold system, helping keep your heat in and the cold out.

Bi-Folding Door Materials

The material you choose for your bi-fold or multi-fold doors not only influences the way that they look, but also their durability and needs for maintenance. You’ll most commonly find folding doors to be made using aluminium, timber, and uPVC.

Aluminium bi-fold doors are a popular choice due to their sleek design and narrow profile, and strong enough to support large panes of glass that provide panoramic views. Aluminium frames give a clean finish and are ideally suited for properties with a more modern aesthetic. Additionally, aluminium doors are some of the most durable out there, and require minimal maintenance.

For those working with a tighter budget, uPVC bi-fold doors are an excellent option. These doors are easy to maintain and come in various colours to match your home’s interior decor. They might be the cheapest option, but compared to other options are considered to be weaker than other materials, so are better suited to holding smaller panes of glass.

On the other hand, if budget is less of a constraint, and you are hoping for a more traditional finish, wooden bi-fold doors are another favourite. Nothing matches the visual appeal and classic elegance of solid wood or oak frames, and if used alongside aluminium, it can help to reinforce the strength of your doors. However, it’s important to note that wooden frames do require more maintenance than other materials to keep them looking their best.

Safety & Security of Folding Doors

Bi-folding doors are built with multi-locking systems to guarantee full security of your home. Look for double glazed bifold doors, with toughened glass, to offer peace of mind and protect your property against intruders.

Thermal Efficiency

When selecting bifold doors, it’s important to consider the U-value of both the door frame and the glass, which measures the door’s ability to retain heat and improve temperature efficiency in your home.

Aim for door frames and glass with a low U-value, as this means they are highly effective at keeping external heat out. Ensure you discuss with your supplier about the U-value that meets local UK building regulations to comply with the required standards.

Contact Sureseal Today For Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-fold doors can make such a huge difference to a property. Take a look at our collection of Bi-Folding Doors, consider your design, and contact Sureseal today.

We can help walk you through the best bi-folding doors for your home, answer any questions you might have, and find the best solution to let you enjoy your new bi-fold doors for years to come.

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