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When it comes to choosing the right combination of windows for your home, you can trust our trained and professional designers to provide you with the right advice. We are a highly-rated window supplier for Liverpool and the North West.


There are two basic types of window:

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Casement window – this is the most popular as outward opening

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Tilt and Turn are the most popular as inward opening and acts as a highly effective fire escape.

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Everything you need to know…

Everything we have manufactured is made to meet the personal requirements of individual customers.
We put the beading on the inside so that the frames are easier to fit, and it increases the security.
Windows are either 28mm double glazed or up to 40mm triple glazed
Our windows achieve an ‘A+’ energy rating with a ‘U’ value of up to 0.8 and have multipoint shoot bolt locking handles
Everything we have manufactured is made to meet the personal requirements of individual customers

Pilkington texture glass

Pilkington texture glass is a rolled patterned glass, one surface of which has a specific pattern or design impressed into the surface, which creates decoration. The patterned glass allows the passage of light but depending on the depth and configuration of the pattern, varying degrees of obscuration is obtained. All patterns are classified according to their obscuration in relation to each other, the gradation being from 1 (least obscuring) to 5 (most obscuring).

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Traditional style windows

If you are looking for something more traditional, maybe go for one of our windows by Evolution Windows. These allow you to have some traditional features like a classic Georgian bar, a traditional sill detailing and a unique trickle vent.

What products can you choose?

UPVC products

PVC-u technology means no painting.

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Aluminium products

The strength and security of Aluminium, with the attractive styling of UPVC.

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Composite products

Thousands of colour/finish combinations.

Secondary glazing

Noise insulation, draught-proofing.

Triple glazing

Why not check out our page about Triple glazing? It will tell you everything you need to know!

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